Thursday, February 5, 2009

EMAIL BCC - Do You Know What It Is?

Do you ever receive a forwarded letter which has already been through 100 people's mailboxes? Of course I exaggerate, it may have ONLY been 25 to 50!

How would I know that?

Because most of those people DO NOT KNOW what BCC stands for!!!

Do you?

It means BLIND CARBON COPY. No it does NOT mean you should have sent it to a blind man instead of me!

That BCC on your email To: list [or there may be a little arrow right after the To: which gives you usually 3 choices.]

1) To: - I think you know this. Everybody sees everybody's email address from EVERY PERSON that forwarded it on! ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES PUT HERE ARE VISIBLE TO ALL PEOPLE THAT GET THE EMAIL FORWARDED TO THEM. Not yelling just emphasizing.

2) CC: - This is used when you want to send it To: someone and also send the exact same email to someone else who may be involved or want to see it. ONLY THE To: person and the CC: person get the email.

3) BCC: This is where you put all email addresses which you want to KEEP PRIVATE from everyone else who gets the email forwarded to them.

SO if we all learn BCC there will be a lot fewer emails forwarded with MONSTROUS LONG LISTS OF EMAIL ADDRESSES BEFORE YOU EVER SEE THE EMAIL! Not yelling, just emphasizing.

Isn't privacy a good thing? Do you really want everyone who you have NEVER met to see ALL of your FRIEND'S email addresses? I didn't think so.

Please use BCC and take a load off the poor old internet. No wonder it goes so slowly sometimes!!

BCC: (:-)>

Internet Security - Antivirus - The BEST Solutions

I use Vipre on one of my systems. I need to restrict it to one so that I can keep testing OTHER internet security systems on the other computers that I own. I use Vipre which is much newer but comes from Sunbelt Software who Microsoft bought their original technology from for Windows Defender. Problem being that Microsoft did not keep developing it like Sunbelt does. [See left sidebar for trial copy or to purchase]

Sunbelt also owns Kerio Personal Firewall which they have now renamed Sunbelt Personal Firewall. There is a free version and a paid one. Soon I believe you will see Vipre become complete by incorporating their firewall into Vipre.

It is very inexpensive and protects against viruses in email and from other sources as well as Spyware. So far it does not have a built-in firewall. Most people don't need a firewall but it never hurts to have one even if just to make yourself feel better.People like me who have zillions of websites and blogs and are on the internet for hours every day, NEED a firewall because they are obvious targets for BAD GUYS!

I use Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 on the computer I am typing this on. It is my main system. It is so complete and stays in the background keeping my whole system secure that I use it here.

In addition, Kaspersky has the FASTEST RESPONSE TIME when a NEW VIRUS is found. Sometimes as soon as 20 minutes later, they are updating your system with the solution. Fast I like! If two days go by or even 24 hours, a lot of havoc can be created on your computer while the slow guys are trying to find a new solution to the NEW VIRUS. Do you really want to take that chance? [see banner link on left sidebar]

Other good products are BitDefender and NOD32. Unusual name, NOD32. However both products are very good. I will write about them later.